Core Business

  • Process Development

    Neostar United core R&D team members mainly from the well-known colleges and universities, all have doctoral and master's degree, more than two-thirds of them have overseas experience, have strong professional technical ability and innovative ability, can design and develop the suitable process for mass production for customers independently, and can provide customers with high quality process development, technical optimization, registration and other services, and provide strong technical support for mass customization at the same time.

  • Contract Manufacturing

    As the core business of Neostar United, we have years of Contract Manufacturing experience, providing one-stop services covering the initial stage, the pilot production phase, and the commercial production stage from the R & D laboratory. At the same time, we carefully listen to the views of customers, committed to meeting customers’ needs, and give effective feedback and improve our services, to ensure high quality products delivered on time.

  • Pilot and Commercial Production

    As the core business of Neostar United, Neostar United has a variety of professional production facilities and is committed to providing customers with pilot-scale and commercial production services of key raw materials and intermediates, and continuously optimizing commercial production projects. Neostar United is also good at substituting low-risk process for high-risk process to make it suitable for commercial production, and insists on promoting high-quality development with the concept of green development.

  • Import and Export Business

    New Star Alliance has a marketing team with rich sales experience and a complete logistics distribution system. By creating large-scale products and services and networked channel coverage and terminal marketing; innovating business models; integrating industry chain resources, it helps customers to find stable and reliable producers and suppliers worldwide for trade services. Or arrange the outsourcing services of customized synthesis and contract manufacturing for relevant universities, large R&D centers and small and medium-sized laboratories.